Episode 79

Published on:

9th Nov 2020

Barbara Miller, Centre for International Reconciliation and the Tabernacle of David, Cairns, Australia

Barbara Miller’s ministry has a strong focus on reconciliation, justice, prayer and worship. She is also a psychologist, sociologist, mediator, teacher and writer (www.barbara-miller-books.com). With her husband, Aboriginal artist and pastor Norman Miller, she co-founded the Centre for International Reconciliation & Peace in 1997 and the local church, the Tabernacle of David in 1996 in Cairns, Australia. They are an apostle-prophet team. She was on the International Council of Elders with the Jerusalem Prayer for All Nations for many years. Barbara has written 10 books focusing on First Nations issues, the Holocaust and Christian journals and co-authored other books. She was CEO of the Aboriginal Coordinating Council which was a peak organization for remote local government Aboriginal councils in Queensland.


TABERNACLE OF DAVID youtube which is presently updating: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_8rKAm4IKPuibvr4-3gUg?view_as=subscriber

Barbara's book website is www.barbara-miller-books.com and her church website is www.reconciliationandpeace.org 

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