Episode 50

Published on:

20th Feb 2020

Dr. Willy and Dr. Jessie Bustinza-Samaritan's Purse-Interview

Willy and Jessee Bustinza are a general surgeon and pediatrician team serving with at Hospital Misión Tarahumara in Mexico’s remote Copper Canyon. The Bustinzas work among the Tarahumara indigenous community, a tribe of approximately 100,000 people who are virtually un-reached by the Gospel. Since moving to Mexico in 2018, they have seen many lives changed through the child malnutrition program, medical outreaches, and distribution of MP3 players with recorded Bible materials. Through medical care, the Bustinzas desire to introduce the Tarahumara people to the Creator God who is not distant, but rather who loves and cares for them.  Their blog is www.bustinzasbeyondborders.com and Facebook page is Bustinzas Beyond Borders.


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