Episode 69

Published on:

27th Jun 2020

Nomvula Mukute, Women's Power of Prayer Rally, Praying for the State of Women Globally, from South Africa, Interview

Is the full expression of distinction on a lady small in stature but powerful in her domain to influence and Impact the lives of many women both young and old. She carries a resolute mind that is focused on the goals to emancipate, build, and create women of all persuasions to become agents of change. She has crisscrossed the path of greatness and is heavily involved in media and community related initiatives from radio, talkshows, and hosting mega events. Preaching and teaching on podiums of sorts is where you feel her passion come forth which influence the heart and shape of cultural and religious views that affect the modern lady.

She reflects Humility appraised by her dignified posture and demeanor. Her greatness perpetuates as she graces the face of various events both local and nationally as her star continues to rise. Her accolodes mean less to her but are a reflection of her firm belief in God being her SOURCE and STRENGTH.

Many women are becoming Boss ladies as evidenced by the many workshops she has successfully run and impacted many to start their own journeys knowing that" if Sunshyn can do it, we too can do it" without any fear or insecurity of who they are. Birthed within this vision from God is the concept of a 'Womb-Man' reflecting her passion to birth giants in many woman and men battered and beat down by the erstwhile lack of compassion toward those of little faith.

Mrs. Nomvula Mukute is without a doubt stylish and classy. She alludes the notions of yesteryears that disregard that a woman be sidelined to the kitchen alone without exploring her hidden gifts and talents. We continue to watch as she soars from Glory to Glory and breaks forth into full bloom. She is greatness personified... A Womb-Man Is Born.

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