Episode 56

Published on:

7th Apr 2020

Pastor Oscar and Liz Aguilera, Dos Mejor Que Uno, Iglesia Hispana Victory Church, Tusa, Oklahoma

We met in our youth group at church in the late 80’s in Mexico City. Liz moved to Los Angeles, California to study at Biola University, and after I graduated in Mexico as an Industrial Engineer, I moved to Tijuana, Mexico were her family started a business. We got married in July 1994 in Tijuana and since then we have always been involved in our church, particularly in the Connect Group ( home bible study groups).

In 2000, we moved to San Diego and started working with married couple groups at LA Roca Comunidad Cristiana, where we started to minister to couples and realized our call. In 2011, we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in order to go to Rhema Bible College and after graduating we were invited by our pastor, Carmen Gil, to the married couples ministry at Iglesia Hispana Victory.

Here, we started 2M1 (dos mejor que uno) our family ministry in 2014 and we currently have a team helping couples and families. Our ministry team helps couples with pre-marital counseling and weekly workshops. We have yearly couples conference for outreach and a family conference at church. We are trying to help our church equip more couples to work in this ministry and to help the family mature in Christ, as well as to learn to develop healthy relationships.


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