Episode 153

Published on:

31st Mar 2024

The Cause and Cure of Shame for Women, Mary Buckman

About Mary Buckman

Mary has been dedicated to bringing spiritual renewal, emotional freedom and physical healing to others since 2009. Through her own experiences she learned the limits of psychology, counseling and the medical field, both professionally and personally. When she encountered Biblical Foundations of Freedom, she discovered the root cause of her spiritual, emotional and physical problems. By applying the principles she destroyed Satan’s lies with God’s truth. Her ministry, NewLeaf Ministry, continues to help others experience this transformation also.

Mary relocated to the Phoenix area in 2009 to be nearer family. That move connected her with Joan Hunter Ministries. As an ordained minister under JHM Mary had the privilege of being part of the ministry team in Rwanda in 2022 and continues ministering for Joan when she is in Phoenix. Mary enjoys family, choral singing, entertaining, Bible studies and traveling. She is in love with God and is so grateful for His mercy and grace. Mary is available for prayer ministry calls throughout the country. Testimonies are on Newleaf Ministry website.


  • https://newleafministry.com
  • Mary Buckman
  • marylbuckman@gmail.com
  • 623-734-4800
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