Episode 73

Published on:

21st Sep 2020

Mary Shepard-Interview/Evangelism Sermon

Reverend Mary Francis Shepard

Was born in Tempe, AZ on October 20, 1948. Her maiden name was Perkins from her German Irish Father and from her Mothers Mexican heritage she was raised catholic and taught Spanish as her first language. It wasn’t until she started school that she learned English.

Shortly after high school, early into college she met the love of her life while cruising with a girlfriend in Phoenix and knew immediately he was the man for her. On December 23rd 1968 John & Mary were married and in 1970 they moved to northern Arizona in Prescott where they raised their family and have lived ever since.

Mary was a house wife & mother of five tight knit daughters that range 10 years from the youngest to the oldest.

In 1979 she went back to college and got her barbers/beauticians license and worked along side Johnny for several years.

Mary’s love for the Lord and the word started as a small child and continued in high school & though out the years, and has always stayed close & connected to our Heavenly Father. Because of that constant hunger she always sought the truth, even when it wasn’t easy.

Years later when the opportunity arose, even though she was 56 years old - she jumped at it and went back to college, this time to get her Pastors license and in 2013 she became an ordained minister in the Assembly of God church.

Over the years there has been some crazy trials and tribulations that has made her grow into the “Mama Mary” that she is fondly referred to as. From the young people at church, to friends of her kids and people she meets through the ministry. People she loves, encourages & mentors over the years and even now.

Mary doesn’t pull any punches - you’ll know she is always walking in Gods truth. From the minute she wakes up you will hear her praying or journaling a letter to God, or studying His word. She tries to always stay connected to the Bible along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

She is also still pouring into and helping her family along their journey. I know this because she is still there for everyone of us helping us to become better versions of ourselves. We are blessed because we don’t have to wish for a “mom” like Mama Mary - we were born with the greatest gift ever, Mary is our mentor, our encourager, our teacher, our Friend and our Beautiful Mom - and of course grandmother to 11 grandchildren.

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