Episode 72

Published on:

19th Aug 2020

Pamela Mercado, Interview & Testimony, Business Entrepreneur, Elder, leader

Pamela Mercado is follower of Jesus Christ. A wife and mother of two wonderful children. An active Elder in her church as well as a Christian business entrepreneur of multiple businesses.

Agape Integrated Health Concepts, Mercado Ministries and NIKAO Christian Shirt Co. are the businesses she co-created with her husband Steven Mercado. Reading the Word of God and searching out His mysteries are her daily focus. She enjoys studying the Word, teaching the Word, journaling and blogging. Being able to spend time with her family and travel the beautiful lands our Lord created is one of her favorite things to do.

Pamela Mercado is a Christian business entrepreneur, teacher, church leader, wife and mother with a heart for discipling youth in the areas of their identity in Christ and being who God has called them to be. Pamela and her husband, Steven, co-founded Agape Integrated Health Concepts, LLC their first company which God used for provision, Mercado Ministries, LLC and recently NIKAO Christian Shirt Co. Eleven years ago the Lord placed a fire in her spirit to seek “Truth” with Jesus being just that. Since accepting the Lord as her savior her life completely changed in every area in every way. Along with her husband a great journey began 11 years ago and they have never looked back. Luke 11:9 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find: knock and the door will be opened to you.” The small seed God planted those 11 years ago is growing and maturing.

Pamela helps others see the potential in themselves and is quick to remind others what God sees in them. A teacher of the Word, she has taught Bible classes and served for years as a leader in youth ministry and an Elder in her church. She believes every person is a business owner with ideas and solutions which are needed. Her strong belief and faith in God is the factor she imparts on all with the desire to help lead them to an understanding of how great they are in God’s eyes. She has prayed with many through good and bad and believes prayer is the key in our lives which God uses to guide us daily, moment to moment.

Along with Steven, the Lord gave them a vision to put together an online Ministry lead by the Holy Spirit to develop and lead and in doing so Mercado Ministries was birthed. Mercado Ministries is led by Steven and Pamela Mercado and serves churches, businesses, leadership teams and our community. Together they are passionate about equipping and sending people to create Kingdom Culture throughout their regions. Led by the Holy Spirit as servants with the heart of Jesus, they believe in His transforming powers of healing and deliverance not only within the church but beyond in every sphere of influence.

 1 Corinthians 14 - For the body is not one member, but many.

 Believing we are all part of Christ’s body and we serve some function has led them to understand that the church is not based on 4 walls but is in each and everyone of us. And we can "Pop-Up" anyplace, anytime as led by the Holy Spirit that has made a home within us.

It was through a dream and years of journaling the Lord instructed Pamela to created NIKAO Christian Shirt Co. A T-shirt company, born from journal entries written during preachings and teachings where Pamela would outline, underline or box in a phrase that would stick out during these moments. She likes to refer to them as God Revelation moments. And then years later the Lord would speak to her in prayer and tell her to take all the journals and compile a list of these moments and to make a T-Shirt company. Clear instruction on what to do and how they would be used. For people to wear and when they were asked they would testify of the saying on the shirt for what the Lord has done in their life. Ambassadors for Christ just as Jesus says in Matthew 28:19 - Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations.

Pamela’s eyes and ears and heart are always fixed on God and she will be the first to tell you “That’s God” in any situation you are telling her about. Quick to see the hand of God and tell everyone - “Look At God!” Her desire is for everyone to know Him and to see Him in every area of their life. Her spirit is one of great Faith and Joy.

Business Website links:



nikaochristianshirtco.com oasisccaz.com

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